OSIRIS-REx Watch Party

Host Your OSIRIS-REx Sample Return Watch Party

Feel like you are alongside the University of Arizona and NASA teams as we await the OSIRIS-REx capsule landing in Utah. Tune into NASA’s live feed here, around 7 a.m. Arizona time on Sunday, September 24, 2023.


Rock Radio From Space

Turn up the dial on NASA’s Third Rock, America’s Space Station, to keep the excitement going.



Build your own mini-OSIRIS-REx Kooky Craftable, join the adventures of OSIRIS-REx through our coloring book then quiz your guests on the mission fun facts.

Mission Brunch

Nothing works up an appetite more than celebrating the end of a seven-year quest. Here are some “O-Rex-cipes” with a side of dad jokes, from none other than the University’s Chef Omo and team.

playing with food

Feel free to play with your food!

After-party Snacks!

These delicious and out-of-this-world bites will also fuel you well into Sunday morning football.

What is the difference between a rock on Earth and a rock in space?

The ones on Earth are a little Meat-eor!