We Just Made History. Again.

We set out to collect material from the dawn of the solar system – a “first” in United States history. As we celebrate a triumphant close to a seven-year quest, we begin OSIRIS-APEX, our next mission to asteroid Apophis.

Space is Wildcat Country.


WATCH: A chest-mounted 360-degree camera captured exclusive, first-person footage of the celebratory moments immediately after the landing of the asteroid sample on Sept. 24.

Kooky craftable graphic

Paper craft engineering, design, and illustration by Kooky Craftables™

Experience the wonders of the extraordinary asteroid explorer by creating your very own OSIRIS-REx in paper craft form! Let your imagination soar as you decide where your OSIRIS-REx will explore next.

Here’s how:

  1. Download the design kit
  2. Print
  3. Cut out each shape and assemble

Download OSIRIS-REx Kooky Craftable

Celebrate History in the Making

Download these fun assets to use in support of this incredible mission:

Host Your Own OSIRIS-REx Sample Returns Watch Party!

Check out NASA’s music playlist and these mission-inspired recipes, courtesy of the University’s Chef Omo and team.


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